5 Unique and Creative Invitation Card Ideas for Kids Birthday Party


Birthdays are special for each one of you, from kids to the grownups and birthday party is the important and integral part of the celebration. Most of you want to celebrate birthdays of your loved ones in a unique way. The planning for the birthday party starts pretty in advance now a day. It begins with listing down the guests and sending the invitation cards. The time has advanced and invitation card has gone through many makeovers. They are not just a paper requesting you to be part of your celebration. Different unique invitations can add a special touch to the request.

Invitation Card Ideas for Kids Birthday Party

Party Hat Invitations:- Party hats have been part of children’s birthday parties for years and so the invitations are. A simple piece of paper as an invitation may become part of the dustbin garbage next day. But how about sending an invitation folded as a party hat? Certainly, your little guests going to love it. Many attractive party hat invitation designs are available in the market and you can pick it as per your choice and budget. The added advantage here is, your guest can keep it as a memento and you save the time of distributing those birthday caps in the party itself. It also makes sure that every guest of yours has already received a birthday cap.

Handmade Invitation cards:- Handmade things are always in and attractive than the store-bought ones. They help to add a personal and emotional touch to the piece of work. If you can manage to spend some time, handmade invitation card would be the great ideas. You can make handmade cards on your own using some colorful papers, stones, colors etc. Your kids can also help you with it. Though it may require some skills, but certainly not a rocket science. This helps you bring happiness to your kids for contributing to the cards and your guests will love it, as they can see the efforts put for them.

Invitations with Customized Chocolates:- Who don’t like chocolates? Even adults enjoy them and they are the favorites for kids. So what can be the better idea than chocolates as an invitation for your child’s birthday party? You get customized chocolate invitations which are creatively crafted as per your requirement. You can ask to carve the date, time and message on them. Even you get an option to print the picture of your kid on the chocolates. Again the packing of the chocolate boxes adds the extra attractive look to the invitation. Your little guests will love them and certainly will wait for your next year birthday invitation.

Cootie Catcher Invitations:- Cootie catchers are what you all must have played with during your childhood. You can use the concept and make a unique invitation for your kid’s birthday party. You can make an interesting and attractive Cootie Catcher at home, decorating the outer side and writing down the message, date, venue etc on the inner side. All you need is very little creativity and time to spend. This will add that extra edge for the birthday invitation and will convert the boring cards to the interesting one.

Scavenger Hunt Invitations:- When it comes to children’s birthday parties, games have to be there. Kids enjoy playing games and you can plan Scavenger Hunt in your child’s birthday party. You can make use of this planning and send a unique invitation card with funny and clever wording, inviting the guests for the hunt. You can mention the timing of the hunt along with exciting things available for loot in the hunt to make them difficult to ignore the invite. Your guest will be on time to be part of the exciting game and can enjoy the party to the fullest.

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