5 Tips to Protect Your Elders from the Potential Risk of Loneliness


Loneliness and isolation are very common among the elders. The reasons could be different. It may be due to loss of a spouse, physical declines such as decreased vision or hearing, friend’s death, less social engagements etc. They prefer to stay at their home instead of meeting people. It results in lack of excitement, fun and social connection which in turn causes and increases loneliness among them. The loneliness can be harmful, as this will push them to continuously overthink on things and may result in unnecessary worries and tensions. In reverse, if your elders meet people, socialize with them and engage themselves in few things, their minds will be diverted and they will feel the happiness leaving behind the loneliness caused due to many reasons. As a youngster, you may find difficult to handle these situations, but here are 5 tips to protect your elders from the potential risk of loneliness.

Below are Mentioned 5 Tips to Lower the Risk of Loneliness

  • Increase Frequency of Calling Them:- If you are staying away from them and calling them once or twice in a month, increase the call frequency. Call them as often as you can. Call them daily for no reason. You can just ask them about their routine stuff. Certainly, they will love to hear your voice.
  • Visit Them Regularly:- Calling is fine, but you should visit them at regular intervals. This will help you to see their real condition and physical presence and a hug from their loved ones will help them to recover soon and they will be happy to see you in front of them.
  • Take Them to Places They Enjoy:- If you are staying with your elders or visiting them, make sure that you take them to few of the places such as community festivals, Concerts, comedy, theater etc, depending on what they like or used to enjoy in past. This will help them open up doing things which they would never do when they are alone themselves.
  • Look Out for Community Resources for Elders:- Nowadays, there are many senior citizen centers, groups available in both urban and suburban areas. These groups provide good opportunity to make friends with whom they can share their thoughts and can easily connect with. These groups also carry many activities including entertainment, sports, fitness programs etc for them. Convince and help your elders to be part of such groups. It will help them to come out of the loneliness and live a more happy life.
  • Teach Them About Using Technology to Build Connections:- With advanced technology, the world has become closer to each other. Help your elders to use these technologies. This will help them to get connected to you through various communication channels and also open a new world of information and friends for them. After all who can answer your question better than ‘Google’!.

These 5 tips to protect your elders from the potential risk of loneliness will certainly work and the efforts put from your side are worth for the result you will be getting. All you need is some time, patience and very little efforts.