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Introduction – What is Smoke Calculator?

Smoking is the habit of burning and breathing the substance made up of tobacco and other drugs which gets absorbed in the bloodstream. Generally people smoke cigarettes which are dried tobacco leaves rolled in a rice paper. Smoking is basically a recreational drug and it is very surprising to know that almost one billion people of the world engage in smoking tobacco. There are a number of perceptions attached with smoking such as holy, sophisticated, deadly and so much more. However, it is better if you quit this habit. With our smoke calculator, you can calculate how much money have you burned along with cigarette buds.

Historical evolution

You would be surprised to know that people have been smoking since 5000 BCE. Civilizations such as Indians, Babylonians, Chinese, Israelites and Christian used incense as a part of religious activities. Tobacco was put to use to contact the spiritual world and was consumed widely for its hallucinogenic properties. Over a period of time, cannabis smoking became common and people mixed it with tobacco and consumed through pipes and chillums. For smoking, people use a variety of drugs such as opium, crack, cocaine, meth, heroin etc.

Health effects

Smoking is indeed injurious to health and well-being of a person. There is nothing safe when it comes to smoking so if you feel that replacing your cigarette with a cigar or a hookah will help, then you are terribly mistaken. Smoking effects your entire body starting from hair till your muscles and skin. Its complications are not immediate but are surely there and eventually may lead to fatal diseases such as cancer and damage to many body parts. Lungs are mostly effected when a person smokes. It has a great impact on the mind making people habitual of this habit and eventually they find it extremely difficult to leave this. Besides, cardiovascular and respiratory problems are innumerable.

Quick Facts about smoking

  1. 1 in every 5 deaths in US are due to smoking.
  2. Approximately 4800 chemicals are processed to make one single cigarette out of which 69 are those which can cause cancerous diseases.
  3. Mostly people start smoking in order to be accepted in their peer group or to look cool and fashionable.
  4. Approximate expenditure per year of an average smoker ranges from US $1500 to US $3000 which is a huge chunk of money.
  5. About 65% of the smokers have the desire to quit smoking but unfortunately are not able to do so.

Quit Smoking and Save Calculator

On the website, you can check the calculator where it is very easy to compute the money and time spent on smoke. Let us understand with an example:

If you buy one pack of cigarettes for INR4, and smoke 15 per day, then the cost involved will be displayed on per cigarette, per day, per week, per month and per year basis. It goes on to even explain that if you take 6 minutes to consume one cigarette, and you consume 15 per day then the time wasted per day is 90 minutes and it goes on to explain time wasted per week, per month, per year and even time wasted till the current date.

Smoking burns a bigger hole in the pockets and that is beyond your imagination. Besides it can come with lot of medical issues so the health expenses are to be added as well. High insurance costs can’t be ignored and the health of the family also goes for a toss. Mostly people who end up quitting, eventually start all over again because of the pleasure they derive out of smoking but unfortunately they neglect the ill effects it can cause. It is time to start living for the people who love us and surely the stress will be there in life but there has to be another way of getting rid of this habit.