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Petrol vs Diesel Car Calculator is online calculator to calculate which car (petro or diesel) will be more profitable to you, after considering cost of the both petrol & diesel car, total number of kilometers you are planing to drive your car yearly, mileage, fuel cost, maintenance and service cost.

Petrol vs diesel car calculator shows you how cost of the car (both petrol and diesel) increases over the years, and tells after how many kilometers and after what time period, the diesel car will become profitable as compared to the petrol car. You can check the price, mileage of diesel & petrol cars from and enter that data in above form to check the profitability.


These are the following assumption made while calculation:

  • Maintenance cost(service cost) is same for both petrol and diesel car.
  • Total cost of the car is (down payment + (loan amount + interest paid) + maintenance & travel expenses)
  • * If you are not opting for loan, then Total car cost will be (car cost) + maintenance & travel expenses
So first, car cost is calculated by adding down payment, loan amount and total interest paid. And total car cost is calculated by adding car cost, maintenance & travel expenses. © 2016. All Rights Reserved. About