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Introduction – What is Ideal Weight Calculator?

Ideal Body Weight is actually a healthy level of weight of a person and is dependent on height but also influenced by factors such as age, gender, built and muscular development. Other factors which are considered to calculate the ideal weight are bone density and muscle fat ratio. As per health professionals, Body Mass Index (BMI) can be used to calculate the ideal weight of the body. Our Ideal Weight Calculator will help you with that.

Why is Ideal Body Weight important?

All the individuals are different and therefore one’s ideal body weight can’t be taken as another’s ideal body weight. Simply put,the factors such as age, gender, muscle fat ratio and bone density of two people can never be identical that is why every person has a different ideal body weight.

Maintaining ideal body weight is very important as it makes a person fit and also immune to a number of diseases and problems. A person whose weight is lesser than or higher than the normal weight is prone to problems such as hypertension, obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Ideal weight of a person also helps him to maintain good energy levels throughout the day. For example if you see an extremely lean person, you would find him very weak and similarly if you see an obese, you would find that they are very lazy at times. This is because the energy is not there. Most importantly, being in proper shape, a person automatically starts feeling good about themselves. Therefore it is very important to maintain a healthy weight.

Risks involved with excess or deficit body weight

There are multiple risks which come with excess or deficit body weight. To begin with, diabetes is a very common problem, wherein the sugar content in the cells make the body resistant to insulin. High blood pressure and other coronary diseases are most likely to happen if the weight is not maintained. Other risks include stroke, cancer, reproductive problems, osteoarthritis, gout and certain diseases of Gall Bladder.

What you should do?

Maintaining ideal weight is not easy. You would need to work out daily and eat good food to maintain yourself. Processed food and aerated drinks are loaded with a number of harmful calories and they increase the body weight and make us internally weak as well. Keep moving as much as you can and if you have a sedentary job then take breaks in between. Spend less time watching TV and try to spend more and more time in activities such as walking, cycling etc. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables and ditch the elevators and escalators. Use stairs instead and if you have to go to the nearby market, take a bicycle rather than car.

How to measure the Ideal Body weight on

It is very easy and convenient to calculate the ideal weight on You just need to enter some of your basic details so that the ideal body weight can be calculated. Enter the gender, age and height and hit the Calculate button. Underneath your ideal body weight shall be displayed.

There are a number of scientific calculation methods as well such as the Robinson formula, Miller Formula, Hamwi Formula, Devine Formula but of all these BMI is considered as a recommended way to find out the ideal body weight. Other popular methods include WHR – Waist Hip Ratio, Body fat %, and IBW – Ideal body weight.

Some quick facts about Ideal body weight

  • It is a range of weight in proportion to the gender and height.
  • Maintaining ideal weight increases the fitness level as well as probability of various diseases.
  • It is never too late to start a journey towards the ideal weight.