Gemini is the third zodiac sign among twelve. Gemini is represented by the symbol ♊ which shows the twins Pollux and Castor. The history of the sign says they were twins who shared the godhood together after their death. People who are born from May 21 to June 20 fall under the zodiac sign Gemini. They are commonly called as Geminians.

Gemini represents the element, Air. Libra and Aquarius are other two who carries the element air. The planet Mercury is ruling the sign Gemini, which depicts writing, communication and movement as their prime things. With the twin energy, Geminians are strong and determined forever in their lives. They are excellent in their studies, career and everything they endeavour.

Geminians are well known as strongest among others. They are flexible in every relationship. their caring nature is sometimes misused even though they get to meet a lot of people in their lives. Only in their relationships, they look unstable as they keep on missing people they love and seek new people to share themselves.

They are mostly involved in creative and artistic jobs like artists, musicians, scientists etc. People are also well disciplined and famous for their intelligence. They can handle anything and everything which arrives on their way. Their love and caring towards family and friends is extraordinary.

They often found with mood swings and failures.They find hard to be consistent in anything. Geminians look disturbed for even small happenings. One can see them fly with colors in careers like writing, trade, business etc. They inspire others with their intelligence to tackle hard things.

People with Gemini sign go well with people with Sagittarius, Leo and Aries zodiac signs. They are extremely good in helping the needy and being affectionate towards fellow beings. They always love to experiment with new things. Shilpa Shetty, Sonam Kapoor and Sunil Dutt are few among many Geminians.

Geminians are most compatible with Leos, Arians, Aquarians and Librans. Pisces and Virgo are the incompatible signs for Gemini. Agate and Aquamarine are the lucky stones for Gemini, where unlucky one is Red Coral. Lucky numbers of Gemini are 6 and 5 and numbers adding 9 to them.