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Introduction – What is Calorie Calculator?

Calorie is a unit equivalent to the large calorie and is used for calculating the energy produced by food we consumed when oxidized with in the body. In short it is an amount of food which is able to make one large calorie of energy in our body.

Let us check out some quick facts on calorie

  1. Calorie means a unit of energy.
  2. Very important for human health if taken in right quantities.
  3. There are different energy and activity levels of people therefore calorie consumption will never be the same of two individuals.
  4. “Empty calories” means the food which is low in nutrition but high in energy such as bacon and ice cream.
  5. More than 15% of the daily calories come from the junk food in US.

As a matter of fact, most people link calories with beverages and food but if there is anything that contains energy has calories. A living being needs calories to survive because if we do not have any energy in our body, we will die. And we can only get this energy from the food we eat. If we consume the recommended amount of calories per day, we will have healthy and fit lives but if we consume less or more amount than the recommended value, we will fall sick. Obesity, blood pressure and hypertension are few of the drawbacks of eating excess or deficit calories.

How many calories do we need each day?

BmiCalculator.Guru is a very simple and highly accurate calorie calculator. You only need to enter the details as asked in the calculator to find out the calories you need to consume in one day to either lose or maintain weight. On an average, a woman should consume approximately 2000 calories in one day to preserve a pound of weight per week and similarly consume 1500 calories per day to lose a pound weight in one week. For men, they need at least 2500 calories to maintain and about 2000 calories to reduce one pound of weight in a week.  These are then further dependent on factors such as activity level, age, weight, height, metabolic health, muscle mass and so on.

Best time to consume calories

The best time to consume high calorie diet is in the morning during your breakfast. As an old saying goes, breakfast like a king and dinner like a pauper so consume at least 700 calories in your breakfast and the remaining to be divided between the snack and meal time for the rest of the day. It increases the chances of losing extra weight and also reduces the likelihood of diabetes and high cholesterol.

Be aware of Empty Calories

The main source of empty calories are added sugar and solid fats. These need to be avoided as they can only harm the body and have no benefit whatsoever. These two can be available in individual forms or combined together. Below mentioned are few of the examples.

Added Sugar – Sports Drinks, Sodas, fruit drinks

Solid Fats – bacon, cheese, hot dogs, ribs, pizza

Solid Fats + Added sugar – donuts, ice cream, cakes, cookies

How to decrease the intake of calories without being famished

By now we know that calories are associated with energy, therefore if we eat the recommended amount of calories we can maintain our weight and if we reduce our calorie intake we lose weight. But cutting down on calories to lose weight is not a very sustainable method and eventually people give up. Therefore it is best to make some changes in your lifetimeto help yourselfcontinue a diet which is less in calories without you feeling starved and will help in the long run.

Below are the 5 changes you need to make to your lifestyle that can help you

  1. Consume more Protein as it can reduce the appetite and helps to cut your cravings for junk food along with increasing the count of calories your body burns. This is the most efficient and very simplest form of the losing weight without much effort. And delicious surely. Protein actually makes you feel full and therefore automatically reduce the appetite. Have eggs, grams, tofu, soya and chicken in order to include protein in your diet.
  2. One of the most calorific and disastrous nutrition fad are the sugary Soft Drinks and of course the much-hyped Fruit Juices. These need to be avoided at all the costs as they are empty calories which may make you feel energetic when consumed but it only loads your body with unnecessary sugar. These are the reason of obesity in children in today’s time. It has a terrible effect on the body such as diabetes because our brain does not register them as harmful and therefore increases the risk of complications. So it is surely better to avoid them.
  3. Drinking more and more water is the simpler trick to help with Weight Loss. Drinking water makes you burn calories. Besides if you drink a glass full of water just 30 minutes before your meal, you would feel full and therefore consume less calories. Your hunger pangs will reduce down and you will feel more energetic. Though the trips to the washroom can increase but then it is better than to eat unnecessary calories. Also try adding green tea to your routine as they are very beneficial.
  4. Reduce the overall Carbohydrate intake, particularly refined carbs and sugary items. Cutting down on carbs is a very simple and effective way to lose pounds. If you do not eat carb rich food items, you will see that you automatically eat lesser calories. Or try and mix fiber with your carbs. The best is a low carb diet which is mixed up with fiber. Eat whole grain foods and have quality carbs rather than unnecessary carbs. 
  5. Be active and lifting weights is important if you want to be fit. When we consumeless calories, the body tends to compensate the remaining by burning lesser calories which can have a bad impact on our metabolism including our muscle mass. So try to have gym sessions at least thrice a week and also do some high to midlevel intensity exercises so that the calories could be burned. This is for the ultimate benefit and betterment.