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Body fat percentage chart

American Council on Exercise has categorized the range of body fat percentages as follows:

Category Women Men
Essential Fat 10-13% 2-5%
Athletes 14-20% 6-13%
Fitness 21-24% 14-17%
Acceptable 25-31% 18-25%
Obese 32%+ 25%+

Body Fat Calculator calculates body fat percentage, total fat mass and lean mass according to your sex, height, neck, waist and hip size. You can also use Body Fat Calculator to determine the amount of fat you need to lose or gain in order to maintain an ideal body fat percentage. Its

How to measure body fat?

Unlike BMI calculation or BMR calculation which involves simple calculations based mostly on our weight and height, measuring body fat percentage needs some actual readings before doing the calculations. According to an equation developed by Drs. Hodgdon and Beckett at the US Naval Health Research Centre, different measurements are required to calculate body fat percentage for men and women.

How to calculate body fat for men

Body fat calculator formula for men:
Body fat percentage = 495/ (1.0324 - 0.19077 * (Log10(waist - neck)) + 0.15456 * (Log10(height))) - 450
* Measurements of waist, nect, height are in centimeters.

How to calculate body fat for women:

Body fat calculator formula for women:
Body fat percentage = 495 / (1.29579 - 0.35004 * (Log10(waist + hip - neck)) + 0.22100 * (Log10(height))) - 450
* Measurements of waist, nect, height are in centimeters.

How to lower body fat percentage?

Followings are the tips to reduce body fat percentage:

This basic food consumption guide will help you lower body fat percentage. You can also keep a watch over the following food items which are highly rich in fat.

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