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In this article, we will give you a detailed overview of your health prospects through our BMI Calculator.


Obesity is a very common disorder these days as that results from the buildup of surplus fat in the body. Generally, a person is considered obese when the body weight of a person exceeds the normal recommended weight by 20 percent or more. The recommended body weight is based on the gender, age and height along with the bone structure or the build.

This is where the Body Mass Index (BMI) is calculated that actually is a measure of body fat. It is calculated using a method using the height and the weight of a person. It can be calculated for either gender. In general, people who have a BMI of less than 18.5 are considered underweight. If the BMI of a person ranges between 18.5 and 24.9, it is considered to be normal weight; and overweight if the BMI ranged between 25 and 29.9. BMI above 30 is considered Obese.

The buildup of excess fat in the body is a red signal for the body as it leads to dangerous and serious health issues which may even include death in several cases of obesity which reaches the severe point particularly the morbid obesity. Therefore, regardless of the reasons for obesity, it is recommended for obese people to take strong steps for losing as much weight as is essential to come to the level of normal body mass index.

What is BMI Calculator?

Body mass index (BMI) is a very common term these days used to measure body fat and it is based on weight in context to the height. It applies to men and women mostly aged 20 and above. Calculating BMI percentile of the body is surely the unsurpassed way to find out the amount of body fat. It is a screening tool to assess whether the person is underweight, overweight, and obese or has a healthy weight as compared to the height. The health risks increase significantly if the BMI is out of healthy BMI range. BMI values are dependent on age, height and weight and are similar for men and women. But it does not match up to the same degree of obesity as different people have different body proportions, therefore, the BMI tends to be different. For example, the body of a bodybuilder who might have a large portion of low body fat percentage may have the same BMI as an overweight person similarly an elderly person may fall in the normal weight category if he has a high percentage of body fat and very little muscle mass.


Health professionals conclude health risks for individuals who are overweight and obese with the help of Body Mass Index calculator. A high Body Mass Index is an indication of the risk factor for various disease and in severe cases, it can lead to even death. People with the BMI of an overweight and obese are at a greater risk of diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, lipid disorders, high blood cholesterol, stroke, cancers and heart disease. Additionally increased the risk of premature death, cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, and gallbladder disease could be some of the repercussions of the high BMI. You can easily calculate your BMI through the calculator.

How is BMI Calculator used?

Excess weight increases problems for the heart to work as it raises blood cholesterol, triglyceride levels and blood pressure but lowers down the good cholesterol levels HDL. Excess weight is more likely harmful for developing type 2 diabetes. BMI is not taken as an accurate diagnostic tool but it can be put to use as a screening tool so that the potential weight problems in adults can be identified. Along with high BMI, the health care provider will also have to determine if this excess weight is a health risk so there are further assessments which need to be done. These further assessments include:

  • Skinfold thickness dimensions
  • Diet Evaluation
  • Kind of physical activity and physical exertion
  • Family history
  • Other suitable health screenings.

Let us Understand with an Example

As soon as you open the link in your browser you will find the BMI Calculator. It is very easy to use and understand. You need to select the measurement of height and weight from the drop-down menu and then add the values. Hit calculate and you will find your body mass index in the charts below. For example, you enter 167 centimeters in height column and 87 kilograms in the weight column. As you hit the calculate button, the BMI will reflect which is 31.2 and that falls in the category of Obese. This way you can easily find out your BMI with our BMI Calculator.

Some Interesting Factors about BMI

  • Body mass index or BMI is an estimate of comparative size build on the weight and stature of a person, therefore, height is also important to measure BMI.
  • This Quetelet Index which was planned by Adolphe Quetelet was a Mathematician from Belgium and a statistician and astronomer in the year 1832 which was later renamed as “body mass index” by Ancel Keys in the year 1972.
  • Measuring BMI is quite simpler, reasonable and noninvasive substitute of body fat calculation.
  • Factors like age, gender, muscle mass and religion etc., is not considered for measuring Body Mass Index
  • For adults aged 20 years and above, Body Mass Index is construed by putting standard categories of weight and there is no discrimination done between the gender and age.
  • In case of children aged between 2-20 years, body mass index is construed on the basis of age and gender of the child.
  • One of the sensible indicator of body fat which is helpful for both children and adults in through BMI.
  • It does not assess the body fat percentage upfront, therefore, it can’t be taken as a tool for diagnosis.
  • BMI can be taken as an assessment tool for tracking weight status and a tool for screening and identifying possible weight problems in people.
  • There are other ways to measure the body fat such as, bioelectrical impedance, skinfold thicknesses, weighing underwater and dual-energy X-ray absorption, which may be more correct than BMI.

Advantages of Maintaining a Healthy Weight

  • Maintaining healthy weight has a number of benefits such as:
  • Lesser muscle and joint pains
  • Increased energy
  • Better ability for more activities
  • Better regulation of blood other fluids
  • Maintaining blood pressure
  • Decreased risk of heart and circulatory system problems
  • Better sleep
  • Declines in blood glucose, a danger of developing type 2 diabetes and blood triglycerides.
  • Decreased risk of certain cancers and heart disease.

Home Remedies for Obesity

There are many remedies with the help of which you can remove obesity. Consuming honey in hot water with lemon is an excellent home remedy to overcome obesity. Initially, you can start with 10 grams and then the dose can be increased over a period of time. Cabbage and carrot are considered to be another effective home remedy to overcome obesity. Cabbage contains tartaric acid which is a valuable content that constrains the transformation of sugar and other simple carbohydrates into fat.It is also recommended load your diet with protein as weight loss is often complemented with the loss of protein as well as fatty tissue. About 20 percent of the over-all energy should be delivered from proteins such as whole pulses and low-fat milk. Fats are also an important nutrient for life and they should provide over 20 percent of the total energy. But fried foods such as chips should be avoided and high-fat foods such as chocolates, meats cheese, cream, ice creams, chicken and butter should be delimited. The rest 60 percent of the energy should come from essential carbohydrates and dietary fibers such as dry peas, wheat flour, maize and barley. But high carbohydrate foods should be avoided such as sweet potatoes, pieces of bread, cookies, cakes, honey jam, dry fruits, syrups, and potatoes. Lemony drinks, fresh juices and water contain fewer calories and thus are good.You can also drink a glass of vegetable or fruit juice regularly. These juices contain fiber in great quantities and can help majorly in the absorption of excess fat in the stomach. You might have also heard about weight loss diet pills which work as a fast weight reduction tool, and shows its results in a very short span of time. It is but taken as a short-term management of fatness amongst fatty people. They function by making the weight constant first and then reducing it.

Conclusion of BMI Calculator

Lifestyle changes can help you maintain weight loss and can most likely result in improvements in triglycerides, blood glucose, and also decreases the risk of developing diabetes and reduces blood pressure by improving blood cholesterol significantly. Greater weight loss can help in getting clinically meaningful results. Overcoming obesity is a big and difficult problem for many but to achieve and then maintain the weight loss goal you will find the support system that is right for your requirements. You can begin the weight loss journey with the right partner may be a friend or a family member who can exercise along with you. This is a very effective way to lose weight and overcome obesity. And even better find someone who can diet with it will increase your chances of losing more weight and help you achieve your target faster.