The eleventh zodiac sign is Aquarius in 12 astrological signs. The sign has originated from Aquarius constellation. It has the symbol ♒ and it depicts the water carrier Ganymede, who was the son of Tros. People born between January 20 to February 18 are Aquarians.

The sign is the one which belongs to the element air. The sign has a big history. Once when Ganymede was performing flocks of his father on Ida mountain, Jupiter spotted him and became loved towards him and flew onto the mountain as a bird. After this, he turned Ganymede as a cupbearer and same was served to the gods.

Aquarius is seen in the Northern hemisphere in the summer nights. People with this sign look original and independent. They love to spend time with people and are realistic in thinking about them. Aquarians are mostly loved by all the people from other signs for their helping nature. They are excellent listeners and humorous compared to others.

People with Aquarius sign never love to be alone. They are the energy boosters in the company they stay in. their expectations from friends may also cause them huge disappointments and depression. Uranus is the planet which strengthens Aquarius. It helps them in quick transformations and to be timid all the time. They have a clear picture of their future. Their thinking and will power keep them moving with success all the time.

They are good at predicting their future. Aquarians are mostly involved in scientific research. They believe in time and be consistent to achieve what they desire. Sometimes excess of confidence make them lose happiness and they even can overcome the sadness by immediate counter action. They are the real champs who work with their individuality rather to be dependent on others.

Libra, Sagittarius, Gemini and Aries are the most compatible signs of Aquarius. Scorpio and Taurus are the least compatible signs. Grey and Eclectic blue are the lucky colors. Opal, Sapphire and Black Pearl are the lucky stones of Aquarius. 2, 3, 7 and 9 are the lucky numbers of Aquarius.