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99calculator.com is collection of various online calculators for different use and purposes. These calculators can be used in day to day life to make different types of calculations easier.

Our primary goal is to provide a one-stop solution for the people who need to make a quick solution, which is another motivational reason why we decided to develop this series of free online calculators.

A few of these calculators together with the others from the same category could prove to be an analytical set of drawing a better result in the daily life. For example, when calorie calculator is used wisely in conjugation with the BMI calculator, you can deduce a lot about your health. So, we strongly advise you to use other related calculators as well for a better result. In the same way, an EMI and a mortgage calculator together can give you a better insight about your financials. However, we encourage you not to solely believe in these free online calculators, kindly use your own judgment in doing so.

We are still in an ongoing stage and we look forward to come up with such more creations in form of more online calculators. So next time you visit this site, you might find more online calculators added to it. However, we welcome your suggestions for any online calculator idea and we will surely implement that if we find your idea worth implementing.

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