5 Things You Should Plan in Advance for A Baby Shower


In this article, we will discuss on Baby Shower and describe the most important 5 things you should plan in advance for a baby shower.

The news of the arrival of your next generation has always been the pleasant moment for all. The entire period of 9 months, carrying a baby is one of the tough as well as memorable time periods for every woman. A baby shower is just a start of celebrating the beautiful phase of womanhood. You all want the baby shower to be the best one and the memorial one for the mother to be. Planning a baby shower needs many things to consider, but if you are well aware of the personality of mom-to-be and work in an organized manner, certainly you will be able to make it stress-free and enjoyable. Let’s have a look at 5 things you should plan in advance for a baby shower:

5 Things You Should Plan In Advance for A Baby Shower

  1. Baby Shower Location: Decide the location in advance based on what the mom-to-be like; does she enjoy fancy lunches or brunch at café or peaceful lunch at home? Apart from these your count of guests, weather, and budget must be considered while deciding the location for the baby shower. Home, Restaurant or café, Party venue, Outdoors like a beautiful park, Destination location etc are few of the options to look for.
  2. Theme: Once you are done with the location decision, the next step is to choose the theme for the baby shower as rest of the things will be dependent on it. There are many exciting and beautiful themes such as Princess theme, stroller theme etc. It all depends on your preferences and budget. The rest of the decorations would be based on the theme.
  3. Preparation of Guestlist and Sending the Invites: One of the 5 things you should plan in advance for a baby shower is the guest list. The number of guests you would be inviting should take care of the venue and your budget as well. So seat with the mom-to-be and rest family members to prepare the guest list in advance. Once you are ready with the list, next move should be selecting the invitation card and sending it well in advance. One can always opt for electronic invitations or even creating a Facebook event for the same is not a bad idea at all.
  4. Food/Refreshments: Though the refreshment for the baby shower doesn’t need to be elaborated one, it is good to plan in advance to avoid last minute hustles. Decide the refreshment menu in advance with the advice from family members. You can ask for a customized menu if you have opted for a restaurant or a café for the function.
  5. Fun Factor: The Baby shower is certainly one of the most lovable memories of the mother-to-be. Since the ceremony itself doesn’t need much time, you can arrange few programs for your guests’ entertainment such as games, dance performances, and singing performances etc.

Last but not the least, make sure you thank your guests for being part of your happiness. You can deliver a ‘Thank you’ speech or can offer a return gift to thank them. Time makes move fast. We all will be growing old one or another day, so why not to make efforts to create memories that stay forever. Hope these guidelines will help you to create such wonderful memory for the mother-to-be.

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