Free Online Calculators is a collection of free online calculators for different use and purposes. This project is an in-house developed aggregation of the online calculators that are useful in our day to day life. The sole purpose behind this set of free online calculators is to provide fast, reliable and convenient calculations in different areas of life like banking, EMI, health monitoring, education, retirement, scientific calculations, mathematical calculations etc.

Looking at the variety of uses and the number of different calculators, we have decided to divide these calculators in different categories based on their usability’s. These categories are mainly:

We, also, have done a thorough testing of calculators but that still does not guarantee that our free online calculators are error free. So, it might happen that you could come across some of the errors, please feel free to report to us in that case. You can reach us via our contact page. © 2016. All Rights Reserved. About